Simultaneous Translation is the oral transmission of a speech / message originated in a language

¿What is it?

Simultaneous Translation is the oral transmission of a discourse/message originated in one language, and translated into another language, in an immediate and accurate manner, and in real time.

The Interpreter is a bridge of communication between different cultures. The work of an Interpreter is complex and requires special skills, experience, great concentration, mental effort and knowledge of the topic to be dealt with, to transmit the discourse/message with the quality and accuracy required. For this reason, it is necessary for Interpreters to work in pairs, taking 20 or 30-minute turns, in events requiring availability of more than 2 hours per day.

The Simultaneous Translation service gives you the possibility to communicate efficiently and without barriers

¿How does it work and when is it used?

Thanks to modern and state-of-the-art specialized equipment, the Interpreter listens to the message, and simultaneously, he/she transmits it to the audience in the language(s) required.

Simultaneous Translation services offer you the possibility to communicate efficiently, without barriers, in 2 or more languages at the same time, in all types of events, with a variety of technical and non-technical topics, from informal meetings of 5 to 10 people up to massive events, conferences, seminars, press conferences, training programs, forums, summits, government and trade negotiations, board meetings, formal or informal visits, and conventions, amongst others.

Service different modalities of simultaneous translation

This service is provided in different modalities, according to the type and size of the event, as follows:

  • "Accompaniment" of officials in missions or visits, for groups of no more than 25 people, generally with the use of Portable Equipment for Simultaneous Translation.
  • "Whispering" in the case of "one to one" meetings where no equipment is required.
  • "Consecutive Translation" in the case of short speeches, no more than 15 minutes long.
  • "Simultaneous Translation" with full equipment and sound to cover events of 5 to 10 people up to massive events, conventions, seminars, conferences, courses and training programs, board or business meetings, forums, congresses and summits.


Our service offering includes professional and certified Interpreters, into multiple languages, amongst others, ENGLISH, FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, ITALIAN, GERMAN, RUSSIAN.

Simultaneous interpretation of different languages