Rental of equipment for simultaneous translation

¿What is it used for?

To make communication possible, in an efficient manner, in real time, without any barriers, in any type of event, and with a variety of languages and topics, the specialized equipment for simultaneous translation becomes essential.

Our service offering includes high technology state-of-the-art equipment with a capacity to cover national and international events, ranging from small meetings with portable equipment, to large conventions, with wired equipment, operating in one or several rooms at the same time, making it possible to transmit from 2 to 8 languages simultaneously, thus allowing participants, regardless of their language, to listen to the speaker, engage in interactive meetings and communicate in any language.

Equipment from latest technology for simultaneous translation

¿What does it include?

A basic, high technology equipment for Simultaneous Translation, includes, amongst others, the following:

  • Booth for Interpreters
  • Sound Panel
  • Microphones (headset microphones for Interpreters, a clip-on microphone for the speaker, wireless and wired microphones for questions)
  • Multi-frequency wireless Transmitters and Receivers (headsets) for participants
  • Conference Units
  • Sound amplifiers

Additional equipment can be requested, as required, according to the logistics, type and size of the event.