experts in simultaneous translation and conference interpreters

We are a team of professional and expert translators and Interpreters, into multiple languages, officially certified, with more than 15 years of experience providing Written and Simultaneous Translation services, in all modalities, to national and international clients in different industry sectors, including, amongst others, engineering, oil and gas, energy, environment, education, systems and technology, law, finance, banking and medicine.

We are in Bogotá, Colombia, with availability through a network of professionals at a local, national and international level. We have participated in high-level events with governments of different countries, embassies, national and multinational companies, serving as a bridge of communication in important projects, negotiations, summits, forums, seminars, conferences, training programs, missions and business meetings.

We are committed to service quality and excellence, in an accurate and timely manner, respecting the confidentiality required by our clients.